Five European H2020 projects and the Norwegian National Centre Bio4Fuels :

Potential of Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) routes for biofuel production

The first joined Expert Workshop took place on the 19th November 2019 in Brussels. Almost 100 participants attended, making the workshop very successful.

A number of industry speakers, as well as research speakers have given presentations which can be found below:

European Projects

4Refinery – Silje Fosse Håkonsen

Heat to Fuel – David Chiaramonti

HyFlexFuel – Valentin Batteiger

NextGenRoadFuels – Lasse Rosendahl

Waste2Road – Duncan Akporiaye

Bio4Fuels – Duncan Akporiaye

European R&I policy – Maria Georgiadou, Senior expert, European Commission DG RTD

Forest-residues-to-biojet fuel (ATM Project): HTL results – Jack Saddler, Professor, University of British Columbia

Development of HTL and Global Commercialization Possibilities – Douglas C. Elliott, Laboratory fellow (retired), PNNL



Hydrofaction®: a leading technology for the efficient conversion of sustainable biomass into renewable transportation fuels – Perry Toms, CEO, Steeper Energy Aps

Eni Waste to Fuel Technology – Industrial Deployment Plan – Roberto Marchini, Vice President, ENI rewind

Building a reliable process – Steve Mahon, CEO and Co-Founder, Armstrong

RCAT-HTL: Sustainable Pathway for Drop-in Biofuels – Ramesh Bhujade, Vice president – R&D, Reliance

Scaling up hydrothermal liquefaction technology – trials and tribulations – David Lewis, HTL Project Engineer, Southern Oil Refining Pty Ltd d