Next generation biofuel technologies

Based on Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL)

Using low-cost, abundant and sustainable feedstocks

For truly sustainable transportation biofuels

The HyFlexFuel project


HyFlexFuel works on advancing hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) as key technology for truly sustainable and economically competitive production of drop-in fuels from a broad range of biomass feedstocks.

Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) offers the possibility to convert essentially any type of biogenic material into liquid fuels without the requirement of prior energy-intensive drying. HyFlexFuel aims at developing all individual process steps of HTL-based fuel production and at demonstrating their viability under relevant operational conditions. This includes the upgrading of the intermediate product biocrude to final fuels and the valorisation of residual process streams.

Specifically, the HyFlexFuel partners will

  • demonstrate compatibility of HTL-based fuels production with a diverse biomass feedstock portfolio, including algae and waste streams, such as sewage sludge,
  • increase energy and carbon efficiency of HTL through improved heat integration and product recovery,
  • valorise organic and inorganic components in residual process streams,
  • upgrade biocrude from HTL conversion by catalytic hydrotreatment into fuel products and demonstrate their drop-in capability, and
  • assess technical, socio-economic and environmental performance potentials.

Expected results

  • Increased technology readiness of all processes involved in the HyFlexFuel production chain
  • Validation of all process steps under relevant operational conditions
  • In-depth understanding of the impact of different feedstocks on required process conditions and quality of the yielded products
  • Optimised overall process configuration through combination of experimental findings with assessed techno-economic and environmental performance potentials

The results of HyFlexFuel will provide the knowledge base for the next step of development on the path towards industrial implementation of HTL as a technology for sustainable and economically competitive biofuel production.

News & Events

++ ADVANCED BIOFUEL BREAKTHROUGH ++ HyFlexFuel succeeded in converting sewage sludge and other biomasses into kerosene by Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL). Click here to read our Press Release

The production of HTL fuels from three different feedstock classes shows the flexibility of the process. Meeting jet fuel specifications is an appropriate target to validate that high-performance #TransportationFuels can indeed be...

Great Milestone for the HyFlexFuel project! First time successfully mastered the upgrading of a sewage sludge biocrude

Great Milestone for the HyFlexFuel project! Our colleagues from Aalborg University have for the first time successfully mastered the upgrading of a sewage sludge biocrude. The biocrude was produced by Aarhus University via hydrothermal...
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