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Deliverable D1.3 Regional feedstock potentials and preference regions for HTL projects

Deliverable 1.3 describes the methodological approach and results of the spatially explicit quantification of 14 single biomass feedstocks, which are of high relevance for hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) processes. Analysis are based on the geographic extent of the European Union and preference regions are highlighted in cartographic visualizations.









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  • B. Madsen, K. Anastasakis, P. Biller, M. Glasius, Rapid Determination of Water, Total Acid Number, and Phenolic Content in Bio-Crude from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomass using FT-IR, Energy & Fuels 2018, 32(7), 7660-7669; here
  • K. Anastasakis, P. Biller, R. B. Madsen, M. Glasius, I. Johannsen, Continuous Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomass in a Novel Pilot Plant with Heat Recovery and Hydraulic Oscillation, Energies 2018, 11(10), 2695; here
  • M. S. Haider, D. Castello, K. M. Michalski, T. H. Pedersen, L. A. Rosendahl, Catalytic Hydrotreament of Microalgae Biocrude from Continous Hydrothermal Liquefaction: Heteroatom Removal and Their Distribution in Distillation Cuts, Energies 2018, 11, 3360; here 
  • D. Castello, M. S. Haider, L. A. Rosendahl, Catalytic upgrading of hydrothermal liquefaction biocrudes: Different challenges for different feedstocks, Renewable Energy 2019, 141, 420-430 ; here
  • R.B. Madsen and M. Glasius, How do hydrothermal liquefaction conditions and feedstock type influence product distribution and elemental composition?, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2019, 58, 17583-17600; here
  • E. Ovsyannikova, A. Kruse, G.C. Becker, Feedstock-Dependent Phosphate Recovery in a Pilot-Scale Hydrothermal Liquefaction Bio-Crude Production, Energies 202013, 379; here
  • M.S. Haider, D. Castello, L.A. Rosendahl, Two-stage catalytic hydrotreatment of highly nitrogenous biocrude from continuous hydrothermal liquefaction: A rational design of the stabilization stage, Biomass and Bioenergy 2020, 139, 105658; here

Great Milestone for the HyFlexFuel project! First time successfully mastered the upgrading of a sewage sludge biocrude

Great Milestone for the HyFlexFuel project! Our colleagues from Aalborg University have for the first time successfully mastered the upgrading of a sewage sludge biocrude. The biocrude was produced by Aarhus University via hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge...

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